Sociology in Central Asia: systematic review of foreign literature for 1991-2021

Sociology in Central Asia is a rare topic to discuss, but a dynamically growing region has much to show.  Scholars focus on this region and refer to countries with transition economies and demographic boom. Systematic literature review in sociology has increased over the past decades. The focus of this article is to study the current trends and state of sociological research in Central Asia, assess the scope of existing literature, examine the level of integration with the global sociological research community, and identify areas for development and future research. We use the systematic literature review analysis to draw a map and the trend of the sociological research development in the Central Asian region since 1991. We analyze and summarize scholarly research articles in two common languages for this region: Russian and English. In conclusion, we provide suggestions for future research of Sociology in Central Asia, potential directions for development, and limitations.


Authors: Bakhrom Mirkasimov, Nozima Tokhirova and Nilufar Abduvaliyeva 

"Public Opinion. Human Rights" Journal of Uzbekistan, issue № IV (104) 2023, 46-55 pp.

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